Posted by: silverspringsgarden | April 11, 2010

Meeting 8 April

Today we had another very successful meeting with some good news. First of all the City of Calgary has approved  a plot for our garden near Silver Springs Gate (see ‘Contact’ for directions). This was one of our favorite spots as there is no shading and there is a parking lot nearby. We are very thankful to the City of Calgary and Kelly for their willingness to make things work and a great result.

More good news is that we have  been awarded a grant from the Calgary Foundation that will greatly help with the initial expenses of the the garden. We have also applied for other funding and we will be announcing the results once we receive them.

Also, Yogi has made a beautiful plan for our garden. This plan is based on the 30 beds that we would like to have. It also includes an beautiful entry, a sitting area and a communal garden. (Just click the pictures for a large view).

Garden Plan

Front view

Side-Top view



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