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Minutes of meeting of June 7, 2011, 7 pm

Silver Springs Edible Garden Group (EGG)

Minutes of meeting of June 7, 2011, 7 pm

Place:  Board Room,
SSCA Building


Donna Bell, Sonia Peters, Joy Railton, Pat Manly, Key
Wilford, Melanie Weinberger, Eldon McMillan, Mike and Carol Stewart, Claudette


  1. Discussion arising from minutes of May 9

Re:  minimizing traffic congestion near the garden.  The SSCA office stated no preference as to when gardeners should come to the garden
site.  Soccer season is in full force until the end of June and we anticipate less traffic congestion after this  season.


Regular and informal times in the garden patch:

Saturdays 10:30 am
and Wednesday, 7:30 pm

If one of these times work for you, come to weed, water and visit with fellow gardeners. 


2. Treasurer’s report: Mike  Stewart

EGG  received a donation of $3000.00 from TD Bank: Friends of the Environment.  Thank you Lauren and Frank for your
successful  proposal for this grant money.


As of now, our balance is $7433.63.  Our next major expense is the water system.


a)  Water system:

In collaboration with Calgary Parks,  Rainmaker has been contracted to install our watering system.  Work has already started and we anticipate work to be completed in the very near future.  Cost of this system to EGG will be  $2984.00+GST.

At one of our regular times in the garden patch (Saturday morning and Wednesday evening) we will be shown how to operate the watering system.  It is a system similar to Calgary Parks.  Of note, is that it will be water metered and with special on/off device kept under lock for security

b)  Keeping our Water barrels Filled:

Volunteers out there?

These two barrels need to be filled about once a week. We are asking for a minimum of two teams who can switch off for each other.  Melanie Weinberger has offered to be one team who will look after filling these.  We need one other team/member who is willing to  pair up with her.  This entails hooking up the hose to the barrel as you weed and water your own garden (~10 minutes per barrel).  Water kept in the barrel, is at ambient
temperature and more plant friendly. Some might opt to use the water straight from the hose, and that is okay as well.

c) Pergola:

Work Corps has agreed to provide (free) labour for the construction of this pergola/seating area.  Before starting this work, they need drawings with specific dimensions.  We are currently seeking contractor/carpenter who can complete these specs.

d)  Compost Bins:

These will be purchased and set up later in the season.

3.Head Gardeners’ Report:  Sonya, Kay, Pat

The perimeter garden is nearing completion.  We will wait to see how the perennials do before adding more plants.  More topsoil will be added to certain areas to optimize root health.

If any assigned box is not planted by June 15, Pat will check if this tenant still wants the box and if not, offer it to person on the waiting list.

4. Communication Report: Donna

An article related to our garden has been submitted to SSCA Sprint and will be printed in the July issue.

5. Blog: Eldon

The blog is being updated and, in the near future, we anticipate forums and  informative tidbits on this site.


Thank you Burpee for the donation of the tomato plants.  The extra tomato plants will be planted in the perimeter garden and added to our “donation food”.


Please note that the combination lock for the box in the garden is :  7 – 39 – 14. Small garbage bags will be left in this box should you need to take some garbage out.


6. Next meeting:

As mentioned, we will have informal meetings Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings.  Come with a mug…someone might have coffee/tea.


Happy Gardening




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