Posted by: silverspringsgarden | June 11, 2011

We are up and growing!!

Silver Springs Community:
Edible Garden Group

All of the 32 garden boxes were assigned to a very diverse
group of gardeners.  We have gardeners
ranging from retirees to young families who are giving their children the
opportunity to experience the wonder of vegetables coming from the soil rather
than the supermarket.  There are also
gardeners from all levels of know-how:
first time gardeners to a master level gardener and most of us somewhere

Veggies are cropping up in all of the gardens and the
perimeter bed is getting established.

Anyone who may still want to have some involvement with the
garden can volunteer to help with the donor and perimeter beds.

It has been fun to meet people from across our community and
to share the excitement of seeing our gardens start to sprout.

Do stop by and see how our garden grows!

Contact Gardener:  Pat
Manly  403-247-4787




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