Posted by: silverspringsgarden | July 15, 2011

Growing! Growing! Growing!

After a soggy start, the Community Garden is in full swing and I thought it might be interesting to show everyone what we’ve accomplished to date. Me and the dog wander through most mornings and I find it fascinating to see how many differences there are among the 32 gardens.

I took the camera one morning and took pictures of things that caught my eye.

The Border/Entrance section of the Garden is flourishing and looks very professional. Congratulations to the committee that leads that effort!

One of the pictures shows a beautiful yellow flower surrounded by a forest of greens – very eye-catching.

Another shows how the plants are bursting out over the edges of the planter boxes.

I noticed a few of the potato plants have blossoms showing and I see some evidence of harvesting already. It’s only the middle of July!

Some interesting support and protection for tomato plants. During the hot spell a week or so ago, everything was frying so I’m guessing that the roof over the Border tomatoes was to provide some sun protection. Some tomato plants have small green tomatoes showing already…tell
me when you harvest your first tomato and I’ll post it on the Blog.

I see some nice climbing equipment provided to beans and they are making headway!

One picture shows a flower (I haven’t a clue about flowers so I don’t know the name of it) beside an almost full head of cabbage. And I spotted some head lettuce almost ready for harvesting.

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If you see something noteworthy that I missed…let me know and we’ll share it with the group.



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