Posted by: silverspringsgarden | July 20, 2011

happy tenant of box 12

I am a newbie garderner, and have learned a few things already.  Here are a few of the things I’ve learned:

-you can never have too much compost. I bought a bag of compost in the spring, and right before planting mixed a couple huge handfuls of compost into the top few inches right before planting.

-use innoculant when planting your beans and peas (a bacteria powder that helps roots of legumes fix nitrogen)  … it made mine go crazy

-Don’t waste money on wild aruglua seeds … it is my new definition of bitter!  I cannot eat a single leaf of it!

-Lettuces love carrots and kale, chard & beets love to be close to each other too.

-with your kale when its young and tender you can eat it as a salad or in smoothies – it is a super food, especially for your eyes, loaded with lutein and zeaxanthin … wish I had planted lots more.

happy gardening!




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