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Update on EGG July 16, 2011

Construction of Central Visiting/Seating  Area

Alberta Job Corps crew is currently involved with the purchase of building supplies and the construction of the arbour and benches for our central area at the garden. Silver Springs Community Garden purchase the supplies but the labour is provided free to our community garden group.   Mike Stewart has been in contact with Job Corps throughout the negotiation process.

As Job Corps is involved with numerous concurrent projects throughout the city, we patiently wait for their gift of time and expertise and anticipate the arrival of the seating area in the near future.

The head gardeners have been busy. You will usually find one of them planting, moving plants, watering and/or weeding the perimeter and donor garden. Their work has contributed greatly to the aesthetic appeal of our garden as well as produce for donation. They have also shown exemplary community spirit by engaging passing neighbours in conversations and, inviting them to come in and view the boxes.  On July 1st they left a basket outside the gates so passing neighbours could taste some of our bounty.  Kudos to Sonia, Pat, Kay and Lee May for your generous community spirit.


Update from EGG Head Gardener Group

We continue to receive compliments by people walking past the garden on how great it looks and what a positive area it is for all ages. As the planting in the perimeter increases and the many varieties flourish,  it has been found that the soil is drying out quickly.  There is ongoing need for dead heading, weeding and watering.

The head gardeners will continue to look after the donation garden box and the areas on either side of the entrance.

As discussed at our initial general meeting, we all need to share in the work in the communal part of our gardens.   The Head Gardeners have developed a plan so we can all participate in the work of maintaining our perimeter gardens.  Please find below the system whereby the perimeter garden areas will be tended by the tenant gardeners as assigned below:

Boxes 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, 13 and 14 will care for the south perimeter (back fence)

 Boxes 32,9,10 and 12 will care for the east perimeter (left fence)

 Boxes 28,29,30,24 and 25 will care for the west perimeter (right fence)

 Boxes 26,27,22,23,20,21,18 and 19 will care for the north perimeter (the entrance fence)

(Should anyone forget which box has been assigned to which corner; a printout of this schedule is posted in the garden)

There are several plants which are going to seed, please check your boxes and ensure that the tops are taken off anything that appears to be at that point before it is able to scatter seeds into a neighbouring box.

The produce in the perimeter garden has a few things that can be shared.  Please take home some of the red lettuce, parsley, sage, chives, rhubarb and edible flowers (pansy’s, nasturtiums).

The peas and beans are busy climbing up the fence and trellises and we eagerly await their produce.

Most of the garden boxes have been producing spinach, radishes and lettuce.  These crops can be replanted at the end of July.  Please remember not to let your dill plant go to seed as these outlaws can be very prolific.

Hopefully we can get the compost boxes in built and in place shortly and start making black gold.

Thank you Karen Brown, Friend of EGG, for your donation of the Black Current Bush, which is doing great, and volunteer efforts in the

Finally, just a reminder that gardeners have Wednesdays at 7:30AM and Saturdays at 10:30AM set aside as a gathering time to discuss any issues, questions and tips as we socialize.


See you in the garden.

Pat, Kay, Lee May and Sonia



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