Posted by: silverspringsgarden | August 3, 2011


Aug 2   Hi Eldon could you pass this along to everyone–was in the garden tonight and indeed the tomato plants  are loaded with little  black aphids,a sharp stream from the hose should send these trespassers packing. There are also a few salmon colored potatoe bugs on various plants,pick and squish these.Little or no damage to our garden  to date.

For your chopping pleasure there is a square nose spade installed in a holder on the side of the compost box,please let me know if this works for cutting up the green compost material.

Hi  Eldon-please tell the gardeners a greater mind has informed me the little black bugs are flea bettles.

Cure the same unless damage starts getting worse.—-Sonia

Bugging out for  now–happy
gardening-Sonia P



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