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Notes From Claudette

August 9, 2011

Despite the relentless march towards the end of summer, our community garden continues to inspire and reward us. The individual boxes, donor gardens and perimeter gardens are thriving. Thanks to all of you who are contributing to weeding, watering and deadheading the assigned section.

On July 13, fifteen garden tenants gathered at an impromptu midsummer Garden Pot Luck.  It was fun to visit, share food and to meander between various boxes to admire and at times, experience green envy.  Some truly have the proverbial “green thumb”.

We look forward to our Harvest Dinner which will take place toward the end of the growing season.  Information re date, time and location will follow.

Mike continues to keep in touch with Job Corps regarding the construction of the central arbor and seating area.  We are keeping our fingers crossed…hopefully sometime this season.

Thank you Stan and Don for the pavers at the entrance and Stan, for compost box #1.

Eldon continues to refine our blog, making it more user friendly.  He is encouraging all of us to submit suggestions, tidbits and general impressions of our community gardening experiences.

Again, thanks to the head gardener team for their steadfast dedication in helping make our community garden a success.

Hope to see you at the garden patch,


Notes from the Head Gardener Committee:

We invite people to help themselves to the produce that is growing in the perimeter (lettuce, edible flowers, rhubarb, beans (soon) etc.

Also if we could ask people to use the shovel to chop plant material into 4 inch pieces for the compost bin, it will help our compost to work a little faster.

There are some areas in which certain plants are overgrown and have bolted.  There is still time to clear these plants off and replant something else which will be great at end Aug into Sept, as well as providing more tasty produce this would leave the garden area looking tidy and tended.

Sonia, Pat, Kay



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