Posted by: silverspringsgarden | August 29, 2011

Garden Review

Was in the garden this a.m. to water and take pics. If anyone has different garden pics to share I would like to see them, anything (bugs, looms weeds or prize veggies or people gardening) as I’m trying to write up an article on community gardening.

The sunflowers are as high as an elephant’s eye and are starting to bloom…the north perimeter has “Golden Hedge” and the south perimeter
“Autumn Beauty”.

I’m happy to see the peas and chard in the perimeter are being picked.

The spaghetti squash is reclining on the fence in mesh slings Kay made, also old mesh bags and nylon stockings have been repurposed. Another use for nylon stockings is as a barrier protection against cabbage moths (too late for this year) for cabbage and cauliflower heads.

Tulip and crocus bulbs have been ordered for the perimeter to provide color in the spring. Other things that can be planted in the fall are garlic spinach, peas and onion sets.

This season the purple beans produced well and the flavor was wonderful. The yellow beans were less prolific. In the perimeter the climbing beans are starting to mature. The pods have to be used very young as they get fuzzy as they age, otherwise one can wait and harvest the bean seeds so please pick.

A record with the names the plants that have been successful would be useful, I will keep one for the perimeter.

Bye for now,

Sonia P




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