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Harvest Potluck and Garden Meeting

September 15, 2011

Approximately 1/3 of the tenants were able to attend our first annual Harvest Potluck dinner. Many of the shared dishes had some food that came from our gardens, food lovingly grown from our own hands.

Yoge, the landscape designer who designed our garden, was an honoured guest.  Donna  and Eldon provided us with beautiful photo show of the garden throughout the season.

Following a friendly sharing of this delicious food, we had an informal meeting to discuss a few items.


 Box Cleanup:  October 31 is the final date to empty and clean out our own garden boxes.

Top Dressing with Compost:  The perimeter gardens and the boxes need to be top dressed for soil improvement this Fall. Sonia and Claudette will explore where we can access compost and sand.

Work Session: Two community work sessions are planned for this fall.  An email will be sent to all members when the date has been decided.

These work sessions involve:

  • First we need to add an elevation to the perimeter gardens.  The extra height will allow for the addition of compost and sand. This will involve purchase of lumbar that will be nailed on top of current 6×6 posts.
  • Secondly, we will gather as a group to move compost to the perimeter areas and to individual garden boxes.

Arbour Area:  Mike continues to be in touch with Job Corps.  It sounds like we may be sitting in the arbour area before the end of the season.

Rental Cost for next year:  Following some discussion, group decided to maintain the cost of $35.00/year as it is deemed to be comparable to other community garden costs. In addition, this cost allows us to finalize the construction plans of our garden.

Remaining Produce: Continue picking produce in the perimeter of the gardens.  Lettuce, parsley, sugar peas, etc is available to all members.

Great thanks to all who participated in the first year of the Silver Springs Community Edible Garden Group.  Next year, we hope to increase our bounty, enjoy a central arbour.  We look  forward to new suggestions/input/contributions from all our members.





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