Posted by: silverspringsgarden | September 27, 2011

Garden News

Here are a few things that have recently occurred in the garden.

Some of the perimeter has been cleared and Mike Stewart ,his son Jeff and Stan Peters have added the perimeter boards.

The barrels have been emptied and in their winter position.

The compost will be delivered on Friday Sept 30. Lets have a work bee on Saturday to  add the compost to the perimeter and any boxes that are cleared ,also sell the veggies from the donation box and any perimeter ones that are not wanted.

The potatoes ,tomatoes , are in my  garage and will be brought Saturday A.M. to the garden.

There is some very nice looking produce  in the boxes  yet ,and just a reminder that the weather is supposed to turn cold Wednesday night.

Hope this is agreeable with everyone , we can put the garden to bed and plan for next year.

Could all the box holders be e-mailed.

Sonia P



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