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Fall Clean Up: October, 2011

Over 20 garden Tenants came with wheel barrels, shovels, pitchforks, garden gloves, smiling faces and a willingness to contribute some sweat equity in order to tidy up our garden and prepare for Spring 2012.

The morning was organized by the Head Gardener Team.

1. Donation Garden

Pat organized the produce grown in the donation gardens for sale tables.  A number of locals came by to purchase and to chat. These tables drew the interest of many passing locals and strengthened community awareness of our garden. The $85.00 raised has been donated to Job Corps; the organization that assists with rehabilitation and reintegration of individuals into the work force, as well as the group that donated their services to build the central arbour.

2. Top Dressing

A flurry of shovels and wheel barrels transported 3 cubic yards of rich compost and mulch to all the growing beds.  In addition, zolite and bone meal was sprinkled on all the garden surfaces.  With consistent efforts at soil management, our soil will become increasingly rich and fertile in the years to come.

3.  Composting

Stan brought his newly built compost box.  Before long, this new compost bin was  filled using the lasagna method of composting.  This includes layering of garden greens with carbon material (dried leaves/shredded paper). We plan to have Sonia give us a more formal class down the road so we can all benefit from her expertise on the lasagna method of composting

4. Perimeter Garden

The vision for the community gardens continues to take shape.  One of the planter boxes needed to be emptied and moved to make way for the composting area and a newer storage facility.  This task was tackled with great spirit and muscle power.


A warm thank you to each and everyone who came to lend a hand to the Fall Clean-Up. Also thank you to Mike, Jeff and Stan who nailed the back border and extra layer of 1 inch border to build up the entire perimeter garden.

An invitation is extended to anyone who might like to join the  “Head Gardener Group”.  Joiners to this group will be involved with management of the perimeter and donor gardens, will gain cutting edge gardening knowledge and enjoy the  companionship of a devoted team of community
gardeners.  If you have an interest to join this team, please contact Sonia at

As you walk by the gardens early next spring, before the snow  melts, check out the perimeter gardens for colorful spring flowers.

We look forward to seeing you all next year.





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