Posted by: silverspringsgarden | March 19, 2012

First Meeting 2012 Gardeners

Date:  April 26
Time:  7 pm
Place:  Sunrise Room at the S.S. Community Center

Dear Fellow Gardeners
Wishing you all a Happy Spring.  And, what better way to launch the season than to gather on April 26 for our first meeting.

We look forward  to hear your thoughts, ideas, suggestions to launch our second season.  This year, we have a new pagoda and new benches to rest and visit between tilling,watering and weeding.  We also will be graced with beautiful new  perennials that were planted last fall.

The wise adage that “many hands make light work” also holds true for our garden.  We hope that  new members will come forward to commit a few hours here and there to contribute to the ongoing management and  development of our community garden.

At this meeting on April 26, in addition to the regular agenda items, we will  discuss nominations and elections for various positions for EGG such as treasurer, chair, additional members to the “lead gardener” group, watering persons, etc.




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