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Minutes Silver Springs Edible Garden Group Meeting April 26, 2012

Silver Springs Edible Garden Group

Minutes – April 26, 2012

 Present:          Claudette Whiting                  Gale Anshelm

Sonia & Stan Peters                Brenda Ashing

Kay Wilford                            Lauren McDougall

Pat Manly                                Heather Thompson

Donna Bell                              Peggy Le Sueur

Eldon McMillan                      Lana Banderk

Liz McKay                              Jean Noble

Lynette K                                Sonya Hagemann

Call To Order:                       7:00 pm by Claudette Whiting

Review Agenda:        No additions

Introductions:            All present introduced themselves and discussed hopes for the garden

  • Include in the spirit newsletter article that people are welcome to come into the garden when gardeners are there
  • Message that they are private gardens unless produce is set out for sharing with passers-by which will happen periodically
  • Have a write-up regarding the history of the garden
  • Have a sign on the gate of the garden with information about the garden and the website

Background/ Brief History:             Claudette did a brief review

Garden Plots, Memberships:           Pat reviewed information re allocation, fees, contract:

  • There are 3 vacant boxes
  • Donor garden will consist of less perishable vegetables this year and we will have a sale and donate the money – last year money was donated to Mary Dover House
  • Date for cleaning out your garden bed will be moved up to October 15, 2012
  • Fee will continue to be $35.00 plus continuing SSCA membership
  • Fee must be paid by May 15, 2012
  • As the SSCA handles all of the money transactions for EGG we will do some clean up of the flower beds in front of the building – we will look for volunteers when the time comes
  • Suggestion that one of our vacant boxes be offered to a school, scout, brownie, or some such group to foster involvement and education in the community.  This will be looked into.
  • 2 boxes are open for new members – have anyone interested call Pat Manly at 403-247-4787 and the first 2 calls will get the boxes.  If we can’t get new members current members may be able to pay for an extra box.

Team Gardener Group:                   Sonia updated:

  • Need 2 new members for the group – Sonya Hagemann and Jean Noble volunteered
  • Last year there was some confusion regarding use of the perimeter vegetables and duties around the garden.  Lana Banderk will work with the Garden Team to make up a spreadsheet/roster of duties and gardeners will take on duties/assignments.  Edibles in the perimeter are for all of the gardeners.
  • Avoid manure based fertilizers – only use compost.  Keep the gardens as organic as possible.  Sonia shared using Rhizobium – a natural substance that concentrates Nitrogen to roots of legumes – a Garden Inoculant
  • There will be a top-up of compost in the beds.  Sonia will order the compost from Eagle Lake Nursery
  • Compost is ready to be moved into the last bin.  There is a need for someone with knowledge of composting to come forward and assist with the process.  No one at the meeting was able to fill this need.
  • Reminder that it is better to water earlier in the day as our nights are so cool.  Water near the bottom of the plant to decrease mildew on leaves.
  • Discussed use of common hose and need to make it more convenient.  Reminder to keep the nozzle out of the dirt as it clogs.  Sonya Hagemann will look into how the hose could be stored safely outside of the locked box.
  • Will continue to let community know that people can volunteer to help with the perimeter and donor gardens and don’t have to be members of EGG to do so.
  • Calgary Horticultural Society is looking for community gardens to visit – all present were in favor of Sonia approaching them to come and visit our garden.  She will contact Duncan (Perennial Garden) to see if they would like to be involved.
  • EGG may be on route for Janes Walk

Treasurer:                                          Claudette updated:

  • Currently have $2,092.34
  • Liz McKay volunteered to take on the position of Treasurer

Communication:                                Eldon – Blog:

  • To post something send it to Eldon
  • Blog could be an information clearinghouse
  • Is there the possibility for a more interactive process with the blog?  Last year there were difficulties with the directions for posting individually.  Lana will review and assist with the process.

Donna – Spirit Newsletter:

  • If anyone is interested in writing for the Spirit and any other communication endeavors please come forward.
  • Articles for the Spirit need to be in the first Friday of each month for publication the next month.
  • Article for June must be in by April 30thClaudette and Donna will be sure an article is in by then
  • Will get articles in more regularly – especially as we get more definite activities scheduled.

Discussion:                                         Committee:

  • Chairperson – Claudette will continue as no volunteer came forward
  • Treasurer – Liz McKay
  • Garden Team – Sonia Peters, Kay Wilford, Pat Manly, Sonia Hagemann, Jean Noble
  • Communication – Eldon McMillan, Donna Bell


  • Possibility of providing “Story Time” for young children on a regular basis in the garden.  Could read stories about gardening/nature, etc.
  • Continue Group Gardening times – Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings.
  • Problems with wheelchair access last year – Stan and Heather Thompson will look a the paver situation at the entrance and recommend a solution.


  • Wednesday May 9, 2010   6:00 pm
  • Work session to get benches into pergola and compost onto the beds
  • Liz and Claudette will bring treats and beverages
  • Stan will look into how to secure the benches in the pergola

 Adjournment:                                    Meeting adjourned 8:50 pm

Minutes submitted by Donna Bell




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