Posted by: silverspringsgarden | June 21, 2012

Silver Springs Garden Update

Am trying to use little mesh caps on the cabbage and broccoli plants–helps with the wind and hail damage on the leaves–there is a bunch of the caps in the utility box if you want to try them also.

Our red currant bush leaves have some red blistered areas on them-we took them to be examined by the staff at Sunnyside and that’s what aphid damage appears like on currents.Will go down with some Safers soap and hose them down.

The composting continues to be a learning curve for me.The first batch of compost has been used to top dress the east perimeter.It was not sifted so contained alot of fibrous material.What I,ve learned so far is try to compost smaller amounts,and pea vines are really difficult to compost.Thanks to all that are adding kitchen veg waste  to the  collection box.

I’m sure the warm weather is just around the corner,happy gardening

Sonia P



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