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Silver Springs Garden Group Meeting Minutes July 11, 2012

Hello Gardeners,

On Wednesday July 11th, there was a meeting of gardeners at EGG for some discussion on the garden and the composting process.  In attendance were Cari Frame, Kay Wilford, Karen Kirnbauer, Jean Noble, Pat Manly and Olive and Bill McDougal, Sonja Hagemann, Liz Mckay, Stan and Sonia Peters. It would be great to see a few more gardeners on Wed evenings and Sat mornings as it is very social and information can be exchanged.

Please note we are now using last year’s schedule for the deadheading, weeding and watering of the perimeter, the information on which box numbers care for what section is posted on the sandwich board at the garden.

A potluck dinner is planned for Wed, Aug 15 at 6:30PM at the garden.  We are not coordinating the dinner so please bring whatever you wish to contribute along with plates, cups and cutlery, also the number of lawn chairs your group will need. Beverages will be provided by the garden. Spouses and children are welcome.

An email from Duncan of the Botanical Gardens in Silver Springs was read and passed around in regards to an inquiry as to us being receptive to an association with the volunteers from their garden for the maintenance of our respective areas.  They are looking at establishing a vegetable garden, for donation only, near the tennis courts at the back of the mall.  They will require volunteer help for the start up and future maintenance, if our gardeners can help we can exchange volunteers for all the general areas. Please let us know what you think of this idea.

With regard to the hose set up at our garden, please be very careful when you are putting the attachment on or storing it in the box that it is not dragged in the dirt, it will result in damage to the hose and sprinkler attachment.  When connecting the attachment to the hose reel carefully make sure the locking action is completed so the water doesn’t shoot out everywhere.

The gardeners had a review of the Alberta noxious weeds. One of these outlaws has been happily growing in our perimeter (field scabious or Knautia arvensis if you want to google it) execution set for Thurs A.M.

The meeting concluded with spreading of the ready compost and a new batch layered up.

Happy gardening and hope you can make the pot luck supper.

P.S. Mr. S. Garter was too busy to attend the meeting this time.



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