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Auntie Florence’s Stuffed Beet Leaves

Claudette had asked me to pass this recipe along to the group last week at the potluck:

Auntie Florence’s Stuffed Beet Leaves

1.        Boil rice but do not cook completely.  It should still be somewhat hard, so be careful not to overcook.  Then add chicken bouillon to taste,pepper, fried onions, and fresh dill.

2. Add hot boiling water to the beet leaves to render them tender.  This makes them easier to fold/wrap later otherwise they will break.  Drain excess water off the leaves as best you can or pat them dry before you stuff the rice inside.  Be sure to wash the beets leaves first.  Also when choosing the right leaves they should be quite large.  We usually order several bags of leaves from the farmers market as we are never able to get enough large leaves from our garden.

3.       Place approximately one tablespoon of the rice mixture into a beet leaf and roll it tightly tucking all the corners in as best you can.  Place the stuffed beet leaves on a large cookie sheet and once the cookie sheet is full place it in the freezer until the beet leaves are frozen solid.  Remove and place them into freezer bags. 

4.       Place them into an oiled casserole dish to prevent sticking.  The beet leaves can be cooked right from frozen, so no need to add water to the baking dish or they will be too soggy. 

5.       Fry a generous amount of onions in butter and add some pepper and more dill.  Pour cream over the onion mixture once the onions are cooked to warm the cream slightly.  Be careful not to scald it.  Then pour this mixture over your frozen beet leaves and bake. 

6.       Bake the beet leaves for  1 hour at 350 degrees.  Be sure not to fill too full with the cream mixture as it will make a mess if it overflows as you can imagine.  The other option is to use a deep baking dish or dutch oven.  Remove the lid for the last 15 minutes to brown it nicely.

7.       If possible let the beet leaves sit for a few minutes before serving(10 or 15 minutes) as they rice in the beet leaves absorbs the cream nicely.

We order 10 bags of large beet leaves each August from the farmer’s market.  We take and evening and make and freeze all of them  which lasts until the next summer.  We find it too much work to make individual servings and it is also nice to use the beet leaves when they are in season.

I hope and trust you will enjoy this Ukrainian recipe that has been passed down to us from my aunt Florence.  Blessings to you all!



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