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Second Annual Harvest Potluck & Fall Wrap Up Meeting – Sept 19/2012


Claudette Whiting, Terry Wilford , Kay Wilford, Melanie Weinberger ,  Brad Weinberger, Heather Thompson, Donna Bell, Pat Manly, Sonia Peters, Stan Peters, Luka Symons,  Cari Frame

  1. Community Garden members and families enjoyed a wonderful potluck with emphasis on bounty from our gardens before beginning wrap up meeting.
  2. Treasurers report:

Treasurer Liz was not able to attend as she is out of the country.  She will submit the balance as soon as she is able.

  1. Eldon is looking for contributors from our group to submit articles, recipes etc. For posting on our website.
  2. Jean would like to interview members of our group. Anyone willing to be interviewed should contact her via email:
  3. The comment was made that our home page needs updating, it still mentions that we are planning to start a community garden.  Eldon will be looking at this.
  4. Team Gardener Update
    1. Fall Clean up and Fair will be October 13.   This is the day we all gather to clean up the boxes and perimeter and put the garden to bed.  In addition, members may supply any excess produce for the fair to sell to visitors in order to raise money for charity. Don’t forget that part of our mandate is to give back to the community!  We would welcome any contributions from Silver Springs community members to our produce sale.        –Sonia to send out email notifying members-
    2. Try to find a better solution for labeling plants in perimeter garden, the markers we are using now fade and are hard to read      -Claudette to contact Duncan Badger to find out what they have been using for signage-
    3. Duncan Badger of the Silver Springs Botanical gardens has contacted us, he is looking for volunteers to help in their gardens.  Anyone interested can contact him at “Duncan Badger”
    4. The Calgary Horticultural Society has said that next year we will be on their community garden tour.
    5. Discussion regarding improving involvement in the community section of the garden.
      1. At issue is the fact the many members did not take part in maintaining this section of this garden leaving the lion’s share of the work to a few people.
      2. The intent of our gardeners meeting at the garden on Wednesday evenings and on Saturday mornings (in addition to socializing and sharing our experiences) was to lend a hand to the various tasks needed to maintain our gardens.  How do we encourage more people to attend.
      3. A list was posted on one of the sandwich boards allocating responsibility for maintain different portions of the perimeter to the gardeners by box number.  This did not seem to be effective.
      4. The point was made that the list was not very visible and that it was not clearly spelled out that the twice weekly gathering times were intended to do garden maintenance.  It may not be clear to members that as part of the community garden, they share a responsibility for maintaining the whole garden.
      5. How do we improve the situation for next year?

i.      Need to let people know at the kick off meeting that there is a commitment to taking part in looking after the     community part of the garden.

ii.      Perhaps a bulletin board where messages and notices for the members could be posted and would be clearly visible

iii.      At kick off meeting next year, discuss what would be the preferred days for gardeners to meet

iv.      Instead of assigning responsibility for maintaining a portion of the perimeter by box number, use people’s names, less impersonal


divide the growing season up into weeks and assign each gardener 2 separate weeks during which they will be responsible for watering the perimeter.  If they are unable to do it they need to make arrangements to trade off with someone else or otherwise ensure it is taken care off

-or try the biweekly “gardeners meet at the garden” again but make sure that people understand the intent.

Decision is to send a note to members along with minutes to let them know help is needed with the garden. Suggest two options and ask for them to come to the kick off meeting next year with their preferences or suggestions. Plan to make a decision at kick off meeting so that everyone is informed from the beginning of the season.

-Claudette to send note-

Submitted by Heather



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