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Minutes from May 8, 2013 Meeting

Item    Person Action/discussion
Call to order Claudette Whiting
  • Approximately 7 PM, May 8, 2013
  • Present: Stan Peters, Sonia Peters, Larry Wilford, Eliane Carnegie, Peggy LeSeueur, Melanie Weinberger, Eldon McMillan, Sherry Gavlin, Frank Jankunis, Joan Ives, Jean Noble, Liz McKay, Lauren, Olive, Donna Bell, Lai Moai Cheong, Ardyth MacQuarrie, Kay Wilford.
Recorder for minutes Claudette Whiting
  • Volunteer: Frank Jankunis
Head Gardener Update Sonia Peters
  • Adding more perennials and mulch will reduce work load
  • Presentation of card specifying weeding, watering, and deadhead responsibilities will be posted to sandwich board at the garden.  Eldon suggested it be emailed.  Sonia agrees
  • Water department reports water pipe is broken.  To be fixed today, water working tomorrow
  • List of names of gardeners to be posted inside the box at the garden in case anyone wishes to contact anyone else
  • Priorities/wishes:
  • get a sign on the fence saying “Silver Springs Community Garden.  Volunteer to make sign: Lorraine
  • Put together a manual to introduce head gardener team and their jobs
  • Liase with other gardens
  • Install a bulletin board for news items
  • Kay would like a history of the garden similar to a sample passed around
Treasurer update Treasurer
  • Presented current fees collected and outstanding and bank account balance.
  • Large amount of fees outstanding
  • No present expenses
  • Fee will be the same as last year $35 (confirmed by Claudette)
  • Deadline for fees has passed already


Membership update Kay Wilford
  • 31 boxes rented/spoken for
  • Waiting list of 5 at present
  • Sherry takes fees and contracts
  • 1 box (#17) to be allocated for children to garden through program at the U of C.
  • Program looks like it is a go.  Just waiting for Community Association approval in order to be under their insurance umbrella
  • Aneisha is our contact with the U of C.
  • Program will run Sunday afternoons for 2 hours
  • Gardeners are invited to participate, perhaps through presentations to the children
  • Adults must stay with their children while the children participate
  • Kay and Donna Bell will be our contacts for the program.
  • Intended to be a year-to-year program
  • Aneisha will do all the advertising
  • No fees will be charged for the use of the box, and the produce will go to the children who participate
  • A similar program has been run before in Hilhurst and was a success
  • No age restrictions for children to participate
  • Top board to be taken off of #17 so that shorter children can participate too.
Communications update Eldon
  • Website needed to be updated last year
  • Little participation on the blog
  • Looks like website will need alternations.  Eldon waiting for Jean to move forward with alterations.  Jean to be contacted for a status update
  • Link has been added to the SSCA website to our blog
  • Have posted pics in the past, but privacy is an issue.  Eldon assumes tacit permission, but will take down pics upon the request of those in them.  Pics with children avoided
  • It will cost $15-20 to have our own domain name, but will require design work.  The total cost would be about $175 to switch webpage over to our own domain name.
  • Claudette thanks Eldon for his work
New Chairperson and events coordinator Claudette
  • Claudette announces her intention to step down as chair and Pat’s stepping down from the events coordinator role she held last year
  • Claudette opens nominations for a new chairperson and events coordinator.
  • Melanie’s husband Brad (not present) is nominated by Melanie (with his permission, confirms Melanie)
  • Lauren is nominated for chairperson as well
  • Lauren agrees to withdraw her nomination in order to be events coordinator
  • Brad to be new chairperson
  • Joan also nominated for events cooerdinator
  • Lauren and Joan to be new co-event coordinators
Launch date Head gardener team
  • Last year’s was Wednesday, May 9 at 6 PM
  • This year’s is Saturday, May 11, 2013
  • Come with gloves, hat, and gardening hand tools.
  • There will be a tutorial on water and compost
  • Claudette and Lauren to work together on a regular day to get together at the garden.  Saturdays didn’t work well last year.  TBD
Presentation on winter gardening Sonia Peters
  • Sonia presented the results of her winter gardening experiment using ventilated milk jugs to start seeds outdoors in march.
Meeting adjourned Claudette
  • Approximately 8:15 PM


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