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Minutes of the Garden Group Meeting March 13, 2014

Date: March 13, 2014
7:15 p.m. meeting called to order. Introductions and sign in.

Approval of last meetings minutes
Tom Mayhew
Karen Kirnbauer
Peggy LeSueur
Joy Railton
Claudette Whiting
Lauren McDougall
Sonia and Stan Peters
Jean and Joan Ives

Committee Reports

Social Committee

Review of planned social events. Calendar of events is on the website:

May 2 Q &A in the garden

Perimeter plants this year will include: peas, spaghetti squash, sunflowers,

extend strawberries

no carrots planted in the garden this year. In accordance with recommendation

from Horticultural Society to curb sawfly infestation in Calgary

Kid Grow Program: Sonia has started plants for them and we have responded to their

ability questionnaire

Discussion of soil temperature and planting times

Showed bee house that will be installed in the garden

Liz put together a list of gardens to visit on the May 4th tour group
discussed various locations to visit Liz to confirm 3 stops, time and order to be determined

Tom proposed obtaining a Blue Grass membership for the garden like the Silver Spring

Botanical garden has obtained. This will allow discounts for variuos items needed for planting

and supporting the garden

Discussion of events on the EGG website:

Zoo botanical tour rescheduled to next year,

April 1213 Horticulture Garden Show,

Ellis Bird Farm visit will be changed to month of May and Sonia to confirm that

we can arrange a tour of the location


$2091 remaining from last year’s budget


Reminder to check the EGG website for calendar of events

We will continue to send updates via email and update the website as needed


Looking to purchase and installation of a suitable bulletin board

Sonia brought a number of examples. Sonia and Stan will pursue this.

Request to put the board on the right side of the gate (as you face the garden) to
maintain accessibility

Accessibility: request to move the concrete slabs currently in the front of the

garden to another location


Reader Rock Tour in May

Tom may be able to arrange a talk/informal tour with head gardener

Lunch in the garden is proposed

Liz will check to see if the restaurant takes reservations

Administrative Reports

Tom introduces himself as liaison between Board the Garden Group. Inquired if we need any
financial support from Community Board. Tom said he could check into the boundary line of the
garden so we know if/where we can install a bulletin board

Discussion of where the bulletin board could go

Waiting List: currently 12

Action: confirm how many are on waiting list

Spirit Submission date: First Friday of every month

Claudette agreed to submit next article

Composite benches and tables: a separate group has agreed to meet at another time to discuss
different options and styles of benches. This subgroup is comprised of Claudette, Tom, Peggy
and Jean.

Action: follow up with resale benches from the City of Calgary or other second hand source

Action: Eligibility for funding from Community Board

Tom to contact Claudette

Tom will look into mulch

declined as group agreed that no fundraising was so occur within the EGG

Action: Upcoming Q & A in garden for new members. Date: May 2, 2014, 7 p.m.

Motion for approval: Question: Should allocation of box be limited to one per family?

Outcome: One allocation per gardener

New President: Jean Ives



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