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Silver Springs Edible Garden Group


The Garden is officially open for the season. We had our spring Cleanup on April 30, 2016 and everyone, and I mean everyone, turned out to get the garden going. Thank you all for your hard work and we’re all looking forward to a fun and productive season.

Friendly Mason Bees to Arrive in Silver Springs

They are our friends, so please don’t hurt them. The Edible Garden Group has ordered (believe it or not) 60 mason bee cocoons, and they are to arrive on May 10. They will immediately be put into the edible garden and cared for meticulously this summer.

Why? Because these beautiful little bees are native, and are prolific pollinators for the flower, vegetable and fruit plants around them. With all the plants in the edible garden, we hope our little mason bees will be very happy, and will help us to produce bountiful vegetable and fruit crops this season.

The mason bee looks different from the bees you might be familiar with – the honey bee or the bumbling bumble bee. They are half the size, or smaller, of the honey bee. They are primarily dark in colour, and can be mistaken for a wasp or even a fly, so please look carefully before swotting! The mason bees will look more hairy. They are vegetarian, and do not have stingers, so will never hurt a human.

Our little mason bees are going to be fun to watch this spring and summer. Their preoccupation is to collect pollen on their pollen-carrying hairs. Back at the nest, pollen is used to feed and nourish young developing bees. Pollen is the substance that provides proteins and fats to build the baby bees.

While the mason bees are foraging in flowers for the pollen, they also come in contact with nectar, produced by the flowers. This is what feeds the adult mason bees.

Mason bees have the most interesting nests. Females place their eggs in hollow tubes that look like straws. The Garden Group has invested in a chalet home, or condominium complex, for our bees – 30 hollow tubes put together, looking like a most peculiar birdhouse. The mason bees like their nests facing east so they get the early morning sun.

If you come to visit our edible garden, the mason bees’ chalet home will be near the picnic table, so look for it. Look, but don’t touch please, and cheer our little bees on from a distance. They, and we, will appreciate it.

Family Fun Day

Join us for a fun filled family afternoon in the garden! Everyone is invited to join us for our annual Family BBQ in the garden on Sunday, June 5 from noon – 2 pm! Hot dogs, chips and drinks will be provided and everyone is asked to bring a snack to share. See you there!

Silver Springs Edible Garden Group – Parkdale Community Gardens

Speaker Series

Wednesday April 21, 2016 was the launch of the Silver Springs Edible Garden Group and Parkdale Community Gardens Speaker Series!

We had an excellent turnout  with over 40 participants, Wednesday evening for our presentation by Dani and Leigh Smythe of CROP (in Parkdale) on Small Space Gardening. Dani and Leigh brought to us a number of great tips, and information to help get our containers and small plots going, as well as small space composting, and organic management of pests and fertilizers. They brought to our attention the need to seek out the sources of our food and how it is grown and produced. Dani and Leigh were very helpful in answering questions from the audience on sourcing organic products, as well as maintaining and extending your harvest season. It was a great evening! Thank you to all of you for making this such a success!

Our next presentation is on Wednesday May 18, 2016 @ 7:30 pm. At Silver Springs Community Association. Janet Melrose from the Calgary Hort Society will be speaking on Companion Planting, Calgary Plant selection and Cold Extension…Something we can’t get enough of!

All sessions start at 7:30 pm, tickets are available through:

or at the door. $15.00 + GST.

We look forward to seeing you there!

The next speaker in the series will be Mike Dorion on June 15, 2016 At the Silver Springs Community Association at 7:30 pm. Mike is well known for his composting knowledge and this will be another opportunity to hear what he has to say. For further information on Mike’s presentation:




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