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Edible Garden Group

The planning for the 150th Anniversary Celebration Garden Tulip Bloom Ceremony that will take place next spring is well under way. The commitment undertaken by the committee was quite extensive and already they are getting plans together to celebrate once the tulips have bloomed. The garden is located at the top of the Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs in the Half Moon Garden.



Parkdale Community Garden hosted the November session of our collaborative Speaker Series featuring Andrea Roccio on the topic of Water Harvesting- What it is and why we should do it.

Andrea’s passion for regenerated landscapes is obvious as she delivered a dynamic and information-packed evening on how and why we should incorporate water harvesting into our permaculture landscapes. Water harvesting can be as simple as adding a rain barrel to collect roof run-off or as elaborate as installing underground cisterns and gray water capture systems in your home.

Mainly we want to capture rain water to store for later use. A few sound reasons for capturing rain water are first the obvious ones….its free! Less cost on your water bill, less taxing on city water systems, especially in times of drought, rainwater is healthier for your plants, reduces storm runoff which results in less pollutants entering our rivers, and replenishes ground water when used in your gardens.

It is possible to capture and store 80 % of the rain water that comes off your roof to use later in your garden, all you need is a simple diversion kit attached to your downspouts and rain barrels. The options are many….more information on water catchment systems can be found on the CMHC website and Water Harvesting Canada.


The next speaker in the series will be Janet Melrose who will be speaking at 7:30 on February 15, 2017 on Therapeutic Gardening. This event will take place at the Silver Springs Community Centre.

Cost for these sessions is $15 plus GST. Everyone is welcome. The Speaker series is jointly presented by Silver Springs Edible Garden, The Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs and Parkdale Community Garden. Check our website for more information



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