Posted by: silverspringsgarden | March 24, 2017

Edible Garden Group


The Edible Garden Group’s sixth season was a great success with a continued growth in enthusiasm and participation from our Gardeners. Last year we also saw a growth in participation from our volunteers and gardeners on our waiting list. Volunteers and wait listed gardeners can share in the produce from our perimeter garden and participate in our weekly maintenance/social sessions. The garden is a community project that relies on everyone’s participation and every Gardener is expected to volunteer about six times over the course of the year (spring and fall cleanups and about 4 shifts in the summer). The maintenance shifts, in addition to keeping the garden ship shape, provide opportunities to get to know everyone else who is involved with the garden, trade tips, and generally to provide opportunities for social interaction. Every year this group has been more dedicated and enthusiastic.

Each year, the boxes are totally rented and we do have a waiting list, however there is always some turnover from year to year.  Check our website for more information at, or email us at:

“Just a reminder to our current Gardeners that the deadline for renewing your garden box is March 1, 2017. After this date, any boxes not paid for will be allocated to the next person on the waiting list.  Fees ($35) are payable at the community centre. Thank you in advance if you have already renewed your box.




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