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At the time of writing (beginning of July), we are just entering the hot summer months and much of the produce in the boxes is filling out nicely. Many of the edible greens have already been harvested and enjoyed now for several weeks. The root crops continue to be frequently thinned, and the beans are starting to flower, as are many of the tomato plants.

There is colour in the outside perennial beds naturally attracting many of the pollinating insects. The Haskap berry bushes have already flowered, berried out, and been picked. The roses, peonies, and mock orange shrubs with their heavenly fragrance bloom gloriously! The Garden Group purchased and released another 30 mason bees this year into the garden and hopefully, they are happily buzzing around the garden pollinating everything in sight.

We have had several queries regarding the white cloths that cover some of the garden boxes. These lightweight ‘row covers’ are loose in weave thereby allowing the sun’s rays and water to penetrate, as well as offering some protection from the wind, hail, hot sun, and destructive insects, such as the white cabbage butterfly whose larvae seems to love the brassica family (broccoli, cabbage, kale). The row covers also help to prevent the rapid evaporation of moisture from the soil so less frequent watering is required. Now you know!


There are a couple of families in our community garden whose children, or grandchildren, have created whimsical ‘fairy gardens’ within the raised bed. Seeds were then planted around the fairy gardens and plants are filling in giving the appearance of lovely landscaped surroundings. What a wonderful way to get the young’ns involved in gardening!

What else have we been up to?

Several members of the garden group recently met one fine Saturday morning for a ‘work bee’ to address several issues.

(1) Tree root management: Due to the interference of tree roots from the large poplars on the west side of the garden in several garden boxes, several boxes were emptied of all soil, roots manually removed, a thick landscape root barrier added to each box, and the soil shovelled back in.

(2) Thinning gravel on the pathways: Several loads of pea gravel were delivered and then manually wheel-barrowed onto the pathways between the boxes adding another 2 inches of gravel.

(3) Amendment of soil in the west perennial bed: Due to compaction in this soil bed and the slow growth of the plants, most plants were lifted from the perennial bed and temporarily placed in two of the garden boxes; then compost was added to the entire west side. Most perennials have now been returned to this bed.

This was all accomplished within 2 hours! As well, all box numbers have been repainted. Amazing what team participation can accomplish!

Please note that all the garden boxes are rented for the current year and there is a short waiting list for boxes for next year (2018 growing season). If you wish to be part of this wonderful community garden, you may add your name to the waiting list by contacting Brenda at




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