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Gardening Etiquette

Silver Springs Community Association – Edible Garden Group
Gardening Etiquette
Please take the time to re-read the Agreement (signed by all Edible Garden Group members when you became a member), which contains a number of terms and conditions. A few highlights:
1) Please keep the gate closed at all times unless you are closely supervising the entry.
2) No pets are permitted. Children admitted to the garden must be closely supervised and under control.
3) Take care with common gardening equipment, such as the hose, and if equipment is damaged or falling into disrepair, advise the committee immediately so the item can be repaired or replaced.
4) Pick produce only from your own plot, and take only a reasonable share of produce from common areas.
5) Participate in weeding and watering your designated part of the common areas.
6) Ensure that you are following the organic protocols, and maintain a well-kept plot.
7) When watering, water the base of your leafy plants to avoid powdery mildew on the leaves. Address pest infestations immediately so that they can be prevented before they spread to other gardens.
8) Monitor visitors; if you see someone in the garden that you do not know, introduce yourself and ask them which plot is theirs. If they do not have a plot, ensure they know that the produce is for tenants of the garden and volunteers only, and advise them that they can contact the committee if they are interested in participating.
9) Report any thefts or vandalism to the committee.
10) Be courteous and considerate of your fellow gardeners.

If there are any issues or questions, please email:



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